Training and consulting in the Signs of Safety approach to child protection

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Safety planning, coaching, training and consulting

in the Signs of Safety approach to child protection


The name SafeGenerations is meant to convey the  nature and priority of our work… that safety is created by multiple generations, for multiple generations. Our hope is that families would not only have renewed safety and hope for their family today – but they would discover a renewing hope for generations to come.

Our Services…

For Parents and Families:

Parents, families and friends who are striving to co-create real-life plans for child safety and well-being partner with us for:

  • Court-mandated and voluntary safety planning
  • Family conferencing & safety networking
  • Evaluations and assessments

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For Practicing Professionals:

Workers, supervisors, managers, community partners and health professionals in child protection work who want to deepen their family engagement and strengthen their safety planning skills enlist us for:

  • Onsite workshops
  • Technical assistance with safety planning
  • Remote video consults
  • Practice intensives
  • Webinars
  • Safety Planning and Learning Lab
  • Public workshops

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For Strategic Planners:

Executives, leaders and policy influencers in social services agencies who want to create sustainable cultural, policy and practice change in their organization engage us for:

  • Implementation planning and support
  • Policy, practice and procedure evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development and coaching

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This training has really helped me on all aspects of SofS. I really struggled prior to this training with applying signs of safety as a supervisor. This training has provided clarity!! I feel more confident on all content covered.

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