This training has really helped me on all aspects of SofS. I really struggled prior to this training with applying signs of safety as a supervisor. This training has provided clarity!! I feel more confident on all content covered.


Thank you! You guys are great and inspirational! I feel jazzed!


I feel more grounded in the work and recognize that it’s ok to start simple and keep it simple for as long as we need to. I’ve learned to resist the urge to fix – to put it back on the family/worker and get the solution from them! Hospitality of the [SafeGenerations] crew was excellent and made it comfortable and easy to share. I really appreciated learning from agencies that are more advanced or farther along the journey as well as those just starting out. Connecting with people excited about this work and willing to share and learn together to go back and spread to our respective agencies has been energizing and encouraging.


The time spent discussing “process” vs. product was the most impactful part of the week. This really made an impact to me as a supervisor and how the need to “give a fixing solution” within myself can be shifted. I will take with me a slower and more meaningful manner (Signs of Safety) way to interact with practice being a supervisor.


You guys are wonderful and I so appreciate you allowing me to be here a part of this experience. You set a high bar for me and I appreciate the challenge as I leave and really going this Signs of Safety journey – I am very motivated, excited and inspired by your work!


All of the SafeGenerations folks are knowledgeable, and present with the passion they have for the model and the work. Feedback from the trainers was instructive and presented in a strengths based fashion – they held us accountable without removing responsibility. It was very useful to be in small groups with other professionals with varying level of expertise and experience.


Overall the training was excellent! It really took the learning I had already and increased my knowledge, confidence and how to. On a scale from 0-10 where 0=not using it or thinking about it at all and 10=expert in Signs of Safety and implementing I was at a 4/10 and now I’m at a 7/10!


[Safe Generations] training is like revival for work! I love it :-)