Our Experience in Signs of Safety Work

SafeGenerations & Signs of Safety

The Beginnings

The work of SafeGenerations began when Carver County Social Services in Minnesota invited the current staff of SafeGenerations to provide in-home services to build safety and strength in high-risk families, using the Signs of Safety approach to children’s protection work.

Relationship with Dr. Turnell

The work with Carver County has been guided since 2004 by Dr. Andrew Turnell, co-creator of the Signs of Safety model. The SafeGenerations training team has been trained directly by Andrew Turnell since 2005. The work we do today to help organizations adopt and apply the Signs of Safety model is patterned after the work Andrew Turnell did with Carver County during his first four years of ongoing training here. For additional perspective, read Dr. Turnell’s recommendation of SafeGenerations.

Growing Influence

Since 2008 our staff has traveled first around the state, and now around the country to share what we have learned from Andrew and in Carver County with others. In collaboration with Resolutions Consultancy, the SafeGenerations training and consulting team has provided training and/or implementation consulting with more than 50 jurisdictions/agencies across the United States and in Canada, in agencies ranging from 7 – 250 front line staff.

Extensive Experience

In this time we have learned much about how to integrate (and how not to integrate) the Signs of Safety approach into agency practice. Email us at info@safegenerations.org if you are interested in receiving high quality Signs of Safety training and/or consultation. Contact us!