Recommendation from Dr. Andrew Turnell

Dr. Andrew Turnell — co-creator, worldwide teacher, and champion of the Signs of Safety model — has been SafeGenerations’ primary mentor and guide for the entirety of our existence as an organization. (To learn more about the history of our work with Dr. Turnell and the Signs of Safety model, click here.)

Therefore, his words as follows are both very meaningful to us, and very important to anyone seeking to understand our capacity as trainers and our role in the growing movement toward safety organized child welfare practice:

I have worked closely with the [SafeGenerations] team since 2005. They know the Signs of Safety and Resolutions approaches inside out, since they have used and continue to use them in their own practice with high risk child maltreatment cases. The [SafeGenerations] team have been centrally involved in the system wide implementation of the Signs of Safety as the organising framework for all practice in Carver County Community Social Services that began in 2005. Having been directly involved and instrumental in this implementation, the [SafeGenerations] team have branched out and now provide training and ongoing consultation for child protection agencies looking to use and implement the approach. I consider myself part of their team in providing this training and consultation work since I act as an ongoing consultant to them supporting them in these endeavours, so in a very real sense if you get them, you get me too.

The [SafeGenerations] team know and use all of the training, supervisory and developmental methods that are most effective in making sure their Signs of Safety agency work does not stop at a great training experience but actually gets transferred into making a real difference in practice and in the organisational culture. Quite simply if you want to see the Signs of Safety being used in your agency these are the people you want alongside you!


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