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“Implementing a practice framework, Signs of Safety, is fitting a complex social system into a complex social system.” (Munro echoing Pawson, 2006)

Signs of Safety is more of a mindset than a toolset – a way of ‘being’, more than a way of ‘practicing’. In this ideal lies both the power and the challenge of a Signs of Safety implementation. The approach is intended to give practical structure and action to the principles, priorities and aspirations of the agency. Our best hope is that agency values and Signs of Safety practice principles would align to indwell themselves throughout the agency and beyond. Working alongside leaders and policy makers, our implementation and leadership consulting and coaching services formulate specific, actionable strategies for lasting culture and practice change.

Our training & consulting in Signs of Safety leadership
spans the following focus areas:

Implementation planning and support

We work with key leaders and implementation teams to develop a strategic plan based on the vision, strengths and challenges of each particular jurisdiction. We provide strategic guidance and planning for Signs of Safety capacity building and planning for sustainability of the practice framework.

Policy, practice and procedure alignment

Often, we find that policy, practice, priorities and legislation evolve separately; all well-intentioned, but not always well-aligned. As you prepare for and grow the Signs of Safety approach, we work with agency leaders and policy influencers to identify how and where existing systems connect to existing and proposed practice. Leveraging our experience and best practices in systems throughout the US and Canada, we offer recommendations for closing practice-policy gaps and building intentional feedback loops from the field about what really works.

Strategic planning

Signs of Safety can impact all areas of an agency, including specific areas of practice (intake/assessment, ongoing, foster care…), organizational measurements (dashboards, federal reporting…), personnel development (reviews, training, career ladder…) and culture (learning organization, values, parallel process…). Our aim is to help your organization intentionally and thoughtfully  weave together a holistic view of Signs of Safety within your organization.

Leadership development and coaching

Signs of Safety isn’t exclusively for frontline practitioners – it’s for the agency as a whole. It offers guidance, grounding and perspective in how agencies engage with staff, professionals, politicians, press and the public. In the ideal instantiation of the approach, all areas within the agency are breathing life into the approach principles, with humility and transparency. We work with executive leaders to think both practically and philosophically in leading the agency in the implementation and to promote consistent and effective implementation across the levels of the jurisdiction.