Services for
Practicing Professionals

Training & Consulting in Signs-of-Safety-based Child Welfare Practice

We are privileged to work with agencies across the United States and Canada to provide Signs of Safety implementation, training and support. Our best hope is to encourage and support social service professionals and the families they serve to engage in a family-centric approach to keeping children safe. You can see Andrew Turnell’s endorsement of our work with Signs of Safety training and consulting by clicking here.

Our training & consulting in the Signs of Safety Child Welfare approach includes :

Onsite workshops

Onsite workshops provide a hands-on learning environment for professionals from a variety of disciplines with a wide-range of experience. Workshop themes range from first-time exposure, to tailored in-depth practice work; and content can be geared toward broad ‘social services audiences’, or targeted toward specific roles or professions (i.e. supervisors, intake workers, mental health, other community partners, agency leadership). Onsite workshops are typically two to three days long and held onsite at the agency office or a convenient central location.

Case consult and support

Case consults are for front-line workers, community partners, supervisors and leaders. These ninety minute video calls grow critical skills and practice depth. Often real cases from your agency are brought forward for practical hands-on learning of the group.


Intensive workshops are for advanced,  reflective learning. These experiences focus on building capacity through a three to five day interactive workshop. Intensives will often include high levels of personal participation, including reflecting on video of personal practice and through participating in live role-play exercises. We offer agency-specific, ‘closed’ intensives at your location as well as ‘public’ intensives hosted throughout North America.


Live, interactive, internet-based video workshops offer a convenient learning venue for professionals without the time or expense of travel. Thanks to the advances in web conferencing technology, we can safely and securely lead workshops that more closely resemble the in-person experience. Webinars are typically 2-3 hours long and range in topic from Using Kids Tools to Working with Denial. Workshops can be purchased as a part of an ongoing contract or individuals may sign up for public webinars.

Public Workshops

We offer workshops in the US and Canada that are open for anyone to attend.

Learning Lab

Professionals who are actively training and consulting in the Signs of Safety approach can observe and reflect on real-life practice through the SafeGenerations Safety Learning Lab. Practitioners, supervisors and leaders are invited to observe direct practice with families using a virtual, ‘closed circuit’, two-way mirror. After observing the session with the family, SafeGenerations staff will lead learning and reflection exercises. These exercises will grow and reinforce key practice skills and engagement philosophies in practical and meaningful ways. Whether new to Signs of Safety or practicing for years, Learning Lab participants will enhance their questioning skills and gain vision for real-life practice.

For more information about the SafeGenerations Learning Lab, download our printable Learning Lab brochure.