Safety Circles: Helping Build Safety Networks

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A key aspect of safety planning within the Signs of Safety is the process of developing a safety network. Every traditional culture knows the wisdom of the African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Often parents struggle with the idea of involving others in their work with child protection.  The Safety Circles tool, developed by Susie Essex, focuses conversations with families to help them critically think through who would be most useful to involve in their safety network.

The Learning Lab Package for Safety Circles: Helping Build Safety Networks is designed to help participants:

  • Build skills in using the Safety Circles tool to guide conversations with families in building safety networks.
  • Learn how to address any concerns about people the family identifies to be a part of the safety network.
  • Learn new questioning skills and techniques that can help practitioners in their day-to-day work with engaging the family in developing a safety network.
  • Explore alternative uses for the Safety Circles tool.

Who should attend this package?

  • Front-line Child Welfare Workers
  • Child Welfare Supervisors
  • Managers, Leaders, Stakeholders

Before participating in this package, participants should attend a:

  • 2-day Signs of Safety Overview