Practicing Safety Plans with Kids

This package is being offered on the following dates: (This is a single-session package)

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Here’s what we’ll examine during our time together:

Once children understand what happened that led to child protection involvement, we can start to meaningfully engage them in developing and monitoring the safety plan. Words and Pictures Safety Plans help kids understand how everyone will be living life differently to make sure they stay safe. These plans are often made up of simple rules that are accompanied by pictures. We can involve kids in practicing the safety plan to solidify their understanding and to assess how the plan works.

This Learning Lab is designed to help participants:

  • Understand how we can engage children in developing and monitoring Words and Pictures Safety Plans
  • Learn new questioning skills and techniques to engage children in the safety planning process

Who should attend this package?

  • Front-line Child Welfare Workers
  • Child Welfare Supervisors
  • Managers, Leaders, Stakeholders

Before participating in this package, participants should attend a:

  • 5-day Advanced Signs of Safety Residency