Mapping and Building Blocks

This package is being offered on the following dates: (This is a three session package)

Package IDSession ASession BSession C

Here’s what we’ll examine during our time together:

Signs of Safety is a Risk Assessment framework for child protection that is grounded in a one-page assessment and planning protocol. At its simplest, this framework can be understood as containing four key domains of inquiry that are included in the 3 columns conversation mapping.

By the end of this package participants will:

  • Gain a vision and understanding for how to:
    • use the structure of mapping to create a game plan for your conversations with the family,
    • set up the first session, and
    • guide the conversations throughout your time with the family.
  • Use mapping to get to the building blocks (key analysis categories) within the risk assessment map.
  • Use mapping to partner with the family and engage the family in thinking through their situation.
  • Feel confident walking away from the package and trying this on their cases.

Who should attend this package?

  • Front-line Child Welfare Workers
  • Child Welfare Supervisors
  • People who work with youth
  • People who work with disrupted adoptions

Before participating in this package, participants should attend a:

  • 2-day Signs of Safety Overview