Our Team

Andrea Robideau

Executive Director
MA, LMFT – Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant

Andrea is a Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant who has worked at SafeGenerations since 2007. Inspired by the way kids wonder about the world, she’s passionately curious about life and learning. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Communication from Bethel University. Her favorite part of consulting is seeing groups of helping-professionals honor each other and grow together by sharing their work.


Bill Schulenberg

Director of Training, Consulting, and Implementation
MA, LMFT – Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant

Bill has a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler Graduate School, and graduated with a double major in Biology and Religion from St. Olaf College. Bill is a lead Signs of Safety trainer and consultant, having trained and consulted extensively since 2008. Bill likes to spend time outdoors fishing, hunting and golfing.

Sarah Sundman

Director of Catalytic Resources
Director of Family Services
MSW, LICSW – Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant

Sarah obtained her Masters of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota and earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work from Winona State University. She has been working in the child welfare field since 2002 in positions including foster care licensing, on going child protection work and as a forensic interviewer. Sarah spent 7 years working for Carver County Community Social Services while Signs of Safety was being implemented. She is a Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant and joined the SafeGenerations team in 2011.

Sherry AmelseSherry Amelse

Director of Strategic Initiatives
LSW – Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner

Sherry obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the College of Saint Benedict in 1996. She joined SafeGenerations in 2011, first as a Training Associate before transitioning to her current full-time position in January 2015. Sherry came to SafeGenerations with approximately 19 years experience as a front-line child protection worker. She spent nearly half of her career immersed in a system-wide Signs of Safety implementation at Carver County, Minnesota where she worked primarily as an investigator. In her role at SafeGenerations, Sherry leads organizational Signs of Safety implementations, plans and delivers training, and does direct work with families and children in the Safety Clinic.

Jim Jackson


SafeGenerations’ Founder got his start working in the trenches with at-risk teens. Jim’s wise and curious ways led him to in-home work as a skills-builder and family specialist, and soon Jim was known as the “Mad Dad” guy, meaning that he was enlisted to work with resistant dads in the child-welfare system. SafeGenerations was born when Jim was asked to “clone himself” and the rest is history.

Karen Sazdoff

Karen Sazdoff

Director of Operations

Karen brings more than 20 years of experience in administration and training and development to the SafeGenerations team. She enjoys helping implementations move forward through her support of our trainers and consultants in their work with agencies throughout the US and Canada. As a foster parent, she also sees first-hand the impact which the Signs of Safety model can have on the children placed in her family’s care.

Sharon Meschke

Office Administrator

Sharon is SafeGenerations’ office administrator, which means she wears all sorts of hats: payroll, bookkeeping, HR, office logistics, and just generally keeping the SG team running. She loves being able to work for an organization that does so much good, especially with families. Sharon enjoys biking in the summer and lives in Minnesota with her two dogs and a revolving door of her grown children visiting.

Emily Wasson

Catalytic Resources Coordinator
Administrative Assistant

Emily Wasson joined the team in November 2015. She loves being behind the scenes doing the admin work that helps and supports our trainers. Emily graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design. The ability to organize, be creative and help others keep families safe are just a few things that make her passionate about working at SafeGenerations. Emily enjoys exercising, spending time with her family, playing games and sewing.


Ben Bevis, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer

Ben has a Master of Arts degree in Adlerian Psychology from the Adler Graduate School and is a Certified Life Coach. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from North Park University.  After two years of intensive Signs of Safety practice, Ben joined our Signs of Safety training/consulting team in 2010 and has been helping train across the state and country. Ben enjoys experiencing the outdoors with his family. He also likes mountain biking and cross country skiing.

Gil Domally, Training Associate

Gil currently serves as an on-going supervisor in Olmsted County, MN’s Child Protection unit. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Family Life Education from Concordia University, Saint Paul, and is a licensed graduate social worker.  Gil has worked with families in a variety of settings that include, youth counseling, corrections, child welfare and child protection, and ministry. Gil’s first exposure to Signs of Safety occurred in 2002 while working as a case aide in child protection. The consistent application of the practice principles that undergird the Signs of Safety approach to partnering with families has and continues to be an aspiration for Gil in his work.  Gil enjoys exercising, reading, watching sports, and spending time with his family.

Rosina Harvey-Keeping, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant

Rosina’s learning journey with Signs of Safety began in Ontario, Canada where she was a Supervisor and Implementation Leader for Signs of Safety with the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society and Trainer with the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies. Despite leaving in 2012 to be with her husband and son in Newfoundland, Canada, Rosina still likes to refer to Hamilton CAS as the home that helped grow her heart for Signs of Safety.

Rosina’s faith, fire, and passion for Child Protection work focuses on training and on-the-ground practice growing together, keeping them as partners in the learning journey, not mutually exclusive entities.

Rosina has presented her work using Signs of Safety both from the front-line and supervisory perspective at international Signs of Safety gatherings as well as to other organizations and implementation agencies in North America. Rosina’s interests include partnering with workers and families to create lasting permanency and safety for children as well as growing big workers to be courageous enough to walk alongside families in this work.

dan-koziolekDan Koziolek, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant

Dan Koziolek is a licensed Signs of Safety trainer and consultant who began a consulting relationship with Andrew Turnell in 2005.  He led a full implementation of the Signs of Safety for over 10 years for a Minnesota county. During that time, the county’s budget was cut repeatedly, forcing a more than 40% reduction in the use of purchased child welfare placement and treatment services. In the midst of this, twelve month repeat maltreatment determinations were first reduced and then stopped entirely for four straight years. As assessment social workers developed skill and confidence in safety planning, the number of cases passed on for ongoing casework were reduced by 40%. As the agency transitioned from responding to the latest report, to identifying and building safety to all known harm and danger, the number of child protection reports being made each year stabilized. The number of children in out-of-home placement hit a 20 year low. Social workers grew happier with the county’s child welfare services and social worker skill and satisfaction increased significantly. Even though the budget cuts were never fun, the transition from services to safety planning led Dan to an incredible level of confidence in the value and effectiveness of safety planning and a strong desire to do far more to help spread the Signs of Safety throughout Minnesota and across the United States.


Sarah Kulesa

Sarah Kulesa, Training Associate

Sarah Kulesa has been a Child Protection and Children’s Mental Health ongoing case manager since 2005; over eight of those years have been at Carver County using the Signs of Safety framework. Sarah’s work has evolved throughout the years with direct guidance from Dr. Turnell through an exemplar case which consisted of denied child abuse where Sarah learned to use the safety goals and case-specific safety scales to drive cases forward. Sarah is especially passionate about figuring out how to use the Signs of Safety tools and maps to turn them into the required documents for the County agency without having to do double the work. Sarah has been involved in training the state of Minnesota, the state of Maine and other jurisdictions both in the US and Canada. Sarah uses humor and her vulnerability to show examples of current work as a way to connect with other social workers and supervisors.

Fred MagieFred Magie, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant

Since 2010, Fred has travelled across Canada and the United States partnering with organizations who are implementing Signs of Safety; a collaborative, safety-organized approach to Child protection case work. Specializing in Practice Leadership, Fred collaborates with Management to build teams and structures that support relationship-grounded services for the safety and permanency of children.

As a mainstay in the global Signs of Safety community, Fred has presented his work at international conferences in Minnesota and England. Constantly striving to grow his own skills, Fred consults monthly with Andrew Turnell and peers from North America.

As a versatile trainer and consultant, Fred provides an array of Signs of Safety training. From general overviews to advanced workshops, Fred effectively engages large and small groups in valuable hands-on learning experiences with a calm and inviting style.


Mick McGuireMick McGuire, Training Associate

Mick is the Practice Program Manager for Child Welfare in Buncombe County, North Carolina, focused on implementing and embedding Signs of Safety into practice. Mick has previous experience as a front-line practitioner as well as supervising Investigations, Ongoing work, and Foster Care.

Mick was first introduced to Signs of Safety in August 2010 on his first day of employment with Buncombe County, during a training provided by SafeGenerations. He has been passionate about the model ever since, because it “just made common sense” to work with families in a way that honored them and their expertise in their own family. Mick has been highly involved in the implementation of the Signs of Safety practice framework within Buncombe County and is passionate about helping other agencies create vision for implementation.

Mick has a Bachelor’s Of Social Work and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has worked extensively in Children’s Mental Health as well as in the “for profit” sector in residential construction, giving him a varied experience that he brings to the job of Child Welfare every day. He is excited to continue his journey of learning, implementing, and training others in what is such a valuable framework to work with families and keep children safe.

Matthias Norenberg, Training Associate

Matthias completed his BSW at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and his MSW at University of Minnesota-Duluth. He has remained committed to improving lives of children and families since 2006, when he was hired by St. Louis County, MN. Matthias has worked for St. Louis County Public Health and Human services in a number of roles, including child protection case manager, and Family Group Decision Making and safety planning facilitator.He accepted a supervisor position in October 2016.

Matthias was first introduced to Signs of Safety in August 2007. He attended numerous trainings and conferences specific to Signs of Safety. This approach to child protection work helped Matthias to bring forward the voices of children, parents, and families’ existing support networks, to improve the outcomes and safety of children. Matthias has been identified as a practice leader in St. Louis County, Minnesota, continuously sharing and promoting the Signs of Safety framework to workers in his agency and Minnesota. One of his greatest memories associated with this framework was when he presented at an International Gathering on Signs of Safety, when he and a set of parents he worked closely with presented to professionals from around the world about their experiences with child protection and how the Signs of Safety framework helped them change their family and children’s lives.

In his current role as a supervisor to child protection case managers, Matthias continues to share his excitement for child protection work and infuses the Signs of Safety framework into his daily work of guiding a team of child protection workers to help families. The Signs of Safety framework and ideas guide Matthias’ work. His experience using the framework as a worker has prepared him for using the framework as a guiding principle for his current job as a child protection supervisor.

Outside of work, Matthias’ main priority is spending time with his wife, son, and daughter every opportunity they can, making memories together that will last a lift-time. Matthias enjoys attending University of Minnesota-Duluth college hockey games, cross-country skiing. and ice fishing during the winter months, fishing, boating, bike riding, ATV’ing, and hunting during the remainder of the year.

courtney-smith-headshot-150x150Courtney Smith, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer

Courtney is known for her dynamic engaging style, captivating her audiences through her creative arts background and her storytelling. Her ability to navigate difficult conversations in the training room and transform reluctant learners into excited learners is one of her most notable skills. Courtney has over 27 years’ experience in human services. Her clinical service background includes mental health, social services, the court system, substance abuse, child and family therapy, intensive family preservation, community action, psychiatric and medical hospital settings.

For the last 15 years, she has specialized in workforce and leadership development and training. Courtney has worked with state organizations implementing best practice models. She has led strategic planning and has written curricula for nonprofits, state and governmental organizations, and university and business settings, including for Appalachian State University. Courtney is a licensed Signs of Safety® trainer , and has collaborated with social service professionals all over the world through that work. She is also a Qualified ToP Facilitator and uses her facilitation and strategic planning skills to support grassroots organizations and nonprofits. Courtney holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Music Therapy and Community and Agency Counseling. Courtney presents regularly at state, national and international conferences and is frequently a keynote speaker.

Stacey Steinbach

Stacey Steinbach, Training Associate

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer

Stacey Steinbach is a licensed Social Worker practicing in a statutory agency in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, and working closely with the Upper Sioux Community Social Services since 2006. She currently provides investigations, assessments and case management for child protection and children’s mental health. Stacey’s training in the Signs of Safety framework began in 2007.  She enjoys sharing her experiences as a front-line child protection worker and how it looks for a worker sitting in a family’s living room. She relates to the joys and struggles of working within the complexity that is the child protection system.  Stacey is equally excited to share how Signs of Safety practice can look in systems outside of child protection, like in children’s mental health.