SafeGenerations and Podio

Podio (blue)-01

With the power of Podio, our free online CRM toolour team can effectively work together from anywhere, escaping email overload, alleviating document chaos and much more. Get structured with Podio’s easily modified workspaces and apps, so you and your team can work the way you want to.

SG’s work with jurisdictions requires a lot of planning, preparation, and information management surrounding our training workshops. Podio made it easy to create simple custom apps to track the jurisdiction and workshop related information and tasks that are critical to our workflow. Our team members — who know these workflows better than anyone else does — can easily change what information those apps track and how, without having to contact me, their nerdy web developer. :-)

Out of all the project and client relations management solutions we looked into, Podio was the clear winner for a number of reasons, the primary of which is the aforementioned — how incredibly easy it is for any team member to customize Podio to fit the workflow structure of our organization.

In other news, Podio’s mobile interface is solid and slick, and gives quick access to the key Client Relations information: tasks and deadlines, contact info for point people, directions and navigation to training venues, you name it. We’re looking forward to expanding the ways we can benefit from Podio, and we figure you might benefit as well! If you’re someone who’s trying to make communities safer for kids, feel free to give us a shout if you have questions about implementing Podio as a workflow tool for your organization.