Our Experience

Our Team

Although our backgrounds are varied (therapy, counseling, child protection, education, business, organizational development), our passion is united: helping to restore safety and renew hope of the families and professionals we serve. We also serve as the licensing representative for Signs of Safety in the United States. You can learn more about our team here.

Our Process

We see our role as more than clinicians, trainers and consultants. We offer a holistic perspective of how your aspirations align with your goals and objectives. Our experience in organizational development coupled with our understanding of the Signs of Safety approach provides an integrated way to grow in Signs of Safety from the senior leaders to the front-line workers and community partners.

Our Clients

For nearly 10 years, we’ve worked with agencies of all sizes in the US and Canada in the Signs of Safety approach. Sometimes we get involved at the early planning stages of an implementation, and sometimes we are called in after an agency’s been working with Signs of Safety for a few years and needs a bit of a boost. Some of our work is at the county or CAS level, and some of it is with the state or province. In some cases, a supervisor or manager catches the vision and asks us to engage; sometimes it’s a state leader who wants to help transform their agency state-wide. Whatever your starting-point, when you engage with us, we do our best to bring our humility, honesty and humor to everything we do.

  • Consulting and training for Implementations county-wide or within a single Childrens’ Aid Society
  • Consulting and training for Implementations state-wide
  • Consulting and training supporting populations of 10,000 – 5MM+

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