SafeGenerations Has Launched

Dear Friends:

As Connected Families grows we are pleased to announce an exciting change that we believe will strengthen our position to serve child welfare agencies.Our organization was founded in 2002 to give hope and build strength in families.

Co-founders Jim & Lynne Jackson’s work was diverse, serving faith communities, schools, other service organizations, and their local county agency. Their work was also quite effective, leading to invitations to provide more services and add staff to help. The original brand, Cross-Generation (still officially the umbrella 501(c)(3) organization) did not serve the multifaceted service approach well and was changed in 2006 to Connected Families.

Since 2006, as staff have joined Connected Families, the divisions of work have become more distinct and specialized. Today there are three distinct areas of service provided by Connected Families, each with their own unique clientele, service model, and staffing. As such, each has now been branded to best serve the target clientele:

  • Connected Families = Parent coaching, workshops and support resources
  • Connected Families Counseling = Clinical work with children, youth, and families
  • SafeGenerations = A new organization brand name, represents the services dedicated to consulting, coaching and strategic planning work for social services agencies and the families they serve – with a focus on child safety.

This new brand name, SafeGenerations, is meant to convey the nature and priority of our work. Safety is created by multiple generations, for multiple generations – giving not only renewed safety and hope for the family today – but renewing hope for generations to come.

The creation of the SafeGenerations brand marks both the continuation of our journey and, in some sense, a new beginning. We are grateful for the support and trust our clients, supporters and community have given to us. And it is with humility and gratitude that we move forward into this next chapter of our organization.

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